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Your Magical Life™

Reconnecting you to joy and synchronicity through  

the power of your Inner Wisdom

Coach Nancy

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If you’re struggling with what your life has become and you’re wondering how you can get it back on a course that’s more true to who you really are, then read on …


There’s still time to claim your dream life
using grounded, real world strategies
that are do-able, and I’ll show you!


You’ve arrived here just in time.
The rest of your life, and all the magic it holds, starts right now!


If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you've come to the right place.

Every day I help people just like you to start leading a life that is full of magic, synchronicity and delight!

No fairy tales or pipe dreams here, just real, honest to goodness possibilities, rekindled with the right mix of:

Imagine your life with improbable circumstances becoming commonplace, where unseen forces appear to come to your aid, and where you’ll start to believe that anything, ANYTHING, is possible for you.   

By unleashing the power of my 4 Key Practices, you’ll experience a new level of joyfulness, effortlessly and on your own terms.  

Whether you begin your journey with my new one-on-one coaching program Your Magical Life™ or through my new e-book Touching the Magic Within, e-course, or coaching groups, I will show you how easy it is to create magic in your own life. You'll discover simple strategies to become empowered to engage more fully and playfully in the world.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now…

what matters is where you’re going, and which road map and guidance system you are following.

Once you hop on the right track with everything going according to an inspired plan (instead of a logical one)...  

Here’s what usually happens:

You’ll start to sense a certain flow to your life.  Things will start to seem almost effortless. You will watch with wonder as circumstances and events seem to just fall into place. Coincidences.  Synchronicities.  Positive twists of fate.

When you learn how to pay attention to your own inner wisdom, and trust its guidance (instead of letting society, media and others dictate what you should think and feel and do), you’ll experience a strength that comes from within. Then just sit back and watch as surprising circumstances begin to unfold.

Contact me right now and let's set up a free 30 minute consultation to chat about your next steps so you can stop looking back at “what if” scenarios and instead, start looking ahead to “what’s next” desires.